Conclusion and summary

There is an enormous amount of information available on websites, how to build, best practices etc, so search around. The points I have covered are I think essential for the small business website owner. I hope this has helped you understand the basic options available to build your first business website and you are now in a slightly better position to make a choice between the options available


  • Don't rush in to a hosting plan just because its looks cheap
  • Don't rely on a hosting companies own website builder
  • Don't rely on a hosting companies own cms, shopping cart or payment system
  • Don't over estimate the amount of storage space you need
  • Don't go overboard with visual effects
  • Don't accept the first promotional offer to get your site to number one on Google


  • Do check the resources included in your hosting plan
  • Do check for extra charges that will be applied as your site grows
  • Do use applications that are independent of your hosting company whenever possible
  • Do get FTP access to your web space
  • Do take some time to write good content
  • Do read up on how to promote your website yourself

We have put together some hosting options for you to consider which include most of the independent software applications the average small business site will ever need FREE with hosting at a reasonable cost, an ideal starter pack for a small business website. Please feel free to Contact us with any questions


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