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All search engines run pay per click advertising programs, for most it's where they earn their money. Basically they sell places on their results pages to the highest bidder, so lets say we have our site on bananas ready and we want to try pay per click advertising, its really simple you just open an account with for example Google adwords and you create what they call a 'campaign' this involves selecting the keywords you would like to bid on, lets say its 'bananas', you enter an amount your prepared to pay per click , lets say 10p and you specify a budget, lets say £2 per day, that will give you a max of 20 clicks before your budget is used and your add will no longer be displayed until the next day, there are a range of factors you can specify from country to time of day so your adds are targeted for best results.

If you are the highest bidder for the term 'bananas' then your site will appear at the top of the sponsored listings, its simple to set up but be aware it can be expensive but its a good way to get your website seen and a good way to test the market.

If you are considering a pay per click campaign main keywords are often the most expensive, so to get to the top with bananas may cost you 50p per click but 'ripe bananas' or 'bananas in London' may be cheaper and get you more sales. So it's worth monitoring your campaigns to get the best value for your advertising budget.


Most search engines will also show your ads through what are called 'content sites or partners'. For the most part these are mediocre information sites with adverts placed around the page. When visitors click on the adverts the search engines will pay the site owner up to 50% of the click price for that advert.
This leaves the advertiser seriously exposed to fraud as the unscrupulous site owner clicks on the ads appearing on their site.
It is usually possible to specify your content ads only appear on certain sites you trust or you can turn the content ads off altogether if you want. How prevelant is 'click fraud'? Its still a matter of debate so it depends on who you ask. The search engines say they have processes in place to prevent fraudulent clicks being counted so they are not debited from your advertising budget, but they would say that wouldn't they!
Its probably best to try both content and search ads, then turn off content ads and evalute the difference in sales and advertising costs.

Google content ads examples are below

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